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After a single hunting trip to this pristine natural habitat, visitors boast of the ease of access to remote areas, the local services for visitors, and the high quality hunting.

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  • Remote areas of nature are at hunters' fingertips between the Arapaho and White River National Forests.
  • The big game available include elk, mule deer, moose, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, even bears and mountain lions!
  • Apply early for your tags and permits to take full advantage of the areas.


Hunting is an activity that will force you to slow down, breathe and renew yourself in the natural world. Listening to the sounds of the wind and the songs of birds, you'll find solace that is unknown to city-dwellers.

Where to go Hunting

Arapaho National Forest

The vast expanse of land in the Arapaho National Forest means that you'll be on your own out there. It's a rare moment when you bump into another hunting group because there's so much accessible area to choose from. Elk, mule deer, moose, and other big game are plentiful in this region.

Eagles Nest Wilderness Area

Part of the Gore Range in the White River National Forest, this area makes for some difficult hiking, due to the vertical nature of the region. However, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward!

Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness Area

The southern half of the Williams Fork Mountain Range is filled with wet meadows and beaver dams. Being one of the few areas that lack a complete trail system, this provides an opportunity to get deep into nature with almost no chance of meeting another party.  

Besides hunting, outdoorsmen often take advantage of the great trout fishing in the streams. 

Permits and Fees

Licenses are required for hunting, as is the hunter education course. It is also advised to be aware of environmental "leave no trace" practices. Contact the Silverthorne Forest Service Office at 303-291-7227 for more information about hunting licenses and practices. 

Tags are available for elk, deer, and fowl. Although it may take years of waiting and a hefty price, tags are also available for bighorn sheep, mountain lions and bears. 

Hire a Guide

Hunting in Summit County can be facilitated by local hunting guides and outfitters. Ease your mind and the load on your back by hiring locals who know their way around. 

All levels of guided services are available, including pick up/drop off, guided trips, and 'never lift a finger' camping or lodge stays. Outfitters will provide all of the necessary gear, and some will assist in obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.

Other Hunting / Outfitters Resources

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