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Feel the wind blow through your hair while riding in a Hummer, an open top Jeep, or an all terrain vehicle (ATV) on trails that wind throughout the mountain terrain of Summit County, Colorado.

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Mountain High Rentals | Jeep & ATV/Snowmobiles

Discover the Rocky Mountain backcountry on your own, and at your own pace. You and your party can cross the Continental Divide a dozen different ways in our Jeep rentals.

Elk Mountain Adventures

Enjoy guided Side by Side tours (3-hours in length) aboard the powerful Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo, a 4-seat ATV that will get you any and everywhere. See our details

Fun For You Adventures

Fun for you on an ATV or winter Snowmobile rental. Get off the road and into the backcountry to explore the Rockies.

  • Whether you're out to test a Hummer, a Jeep, or a classic ATV, the trails around Breckenridge offer something for all levels.
  • Rent by the hour, the half-day, or try an overnight trip to really get out into the wilderness.
  • Many companies in the area rent off road vehicles, so shop around for what you want!


These historic roads were first developed in the 19th century by gold-miners searching for treasure, but now they access the beauty of the area, replete with wildflowers, alpine lakes and wildlife. 

4x4 trips are an excellent summer activity for all visitors to the area because the off road adventures can be designed to fit your individual, group or family priorities. Some trails are smooth and easy sailing while others are steep and exciting. Guided trips and rentals are available by the hour, for ½ days, full days or even overnight.

For those looking to explore the Colorado wildlands in luxury, Hummer tours are the way to go. These vehicles were developed by the US Army to travel across deserts and mountains, which means you won't even feel the bumps as you travel across rugged mountain terrain.

Open Top Jeep
Jeep adventures are the most classic way to explore Colorado's backroads. On a sunny day, you'll be able to smell the mountain air and see unobstructed views. These 4x4 vehicles have high clearance and enough power to get through the toughest terrain. Hold on to your hat!

If it's cold or raining outside – don't worry… closed top Jeeps are also available.

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
For a real adventure, rent a Breckenridge ATV! These 4x4 vehicles are a perfect way to spend a day in Summit County, Colorado. With a few basic safety instructions, even beginners can enjoy backcountry trails and roads.

Where to go

Georgia Pass Trail
This route is a fantastic introduction to the world of off roading. Starting in Jefferson and heading north, this easy trail heads 16 miles over the Georgia Pass and into Breckenridge.

Apex/Kingston Peak Trail
This trail is for those riders who have some experience, but aren't necessarily experts. Starting north of Idaho Springs, this 25 mile trail heads into the high altitude world above 12,000 ft.  Take a ride above the timberline to get some fantastic views of the surrounding mountains.

Santa Fe Peak Trail
So you think you're pretty good? Try the Santa Fe Peak Trail with its hairpin switchbacks on this narrow ridge trail. For those who can make it to the top, the view is fantastic.

Whatever trail you choose, make sure that it is designated for your particular vehicle. When in doubt, consult a Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM), which displays the National Forest Trails with their designation according to vehicle class.

Rentals & Fees

The trails are free to use, so the only cost will be renting the vehicle. Rental costs vary per vehicle and per rental company, so check with the individual companies for details.

Hire a Guide

Finding these offroad gems often takes local knowledge, so don't hesitate to consider using a guide to help out. In addition to locating and knowing the path, they can give pointers about driving technique as well as arrange for lunch or camping options.