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Summer Activities & Services

There's something for everyone during summer in Breckenridge: whether you're a fisher, a hiker, mountain biker, or a paddler, you'll always find people here doing what they love.

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  • Fly fishing the Blue River is a great way to get out and try your luck.
  • Hike the surrounding mountains, or take a hot air balloon ride to get even higher!
  • Take the Colorado SuperChair up to Peak 8 for some postcard pictures.
  • Swing away at the 27-hole Jack Nicklaus golf course.

Breckenridge in summer is just about as good as it gets. The mountain wildflowers bloom and the sun shines down on this unique resort. When the mountain starts to shed its winter snow, the activities don't stop, they simply change with the season.

Chairlift Rides
There is almost no easier way to get to the top of Breckenridge than a ride up the Colorado SuperChair. There will be no heavy breath or sweat on your brow to distract you from the incredible scenery of the surrounding mountains.

Alpine Slide
Vacations with kids inevitably come to the Alpine Slide. This isn't because it's the last thing to do, but the first! Kids love the dips and turns of the slalom course, while even some of the adults feel their stomach rise on the giant slalom.

Mountain biking or road biking, there's a ride here for everyone. The mountain passes around Breckenridge make for challenging circuits to ride, while the national forests in the area are perfect for single-track hounds.

The Blue River runs through the town of Breckenridge, so the fishing isn't far! Ask some of the locals for hidden fishing spots, or hire a guide to take care of the details. Wading or floating, there are options for everyone, from the Blue, Colorado, and South Platte Rivers, to others like the Eagle or Arkansas River.

Hiking & Backpacking
Breckenridge, Colorado summer vacations are a breeze for hikers and backpackers. The trails are easily accessible and quickly rise to remote areas of the wilderness, so bring your boots with you. Try the Burro or Gold Hill Trail, starting in Breckenridge and climbing into the surrounding mountains.

Horseback Riding
It's easy to forget Breckenridge was an old mining town, but mining trails wander in and out of some of the most remote places. So saddle up and make your way out into the mountains. Hour rides, half-day excursions and overnight treks are all great options.

Whitewater Rafting
What Breckenridge vacation would be complete without heading out on the cold mountain rivers to test your skills against the whitewater? There are a number of great options for everyone from the youngest to greatest thrill-seeker.

Scenic Flights
If you've ever wondered what the mountains looks like to eagles and hawks in the area, then try a hot air balloon ride. It's a different world up there.

Kayak & Canoe
Bring your kayak and paddle on your Breckenridge summer vacation, because the rivers are perfect in the spring and summer. The snowmelt comes down quickly, so get ready for some whitewater action.

Golf Courses
There are few areas that combine such imposing terrain, high quality conditions, impressive design and beautiful scenery in such a concentrated area. Take advantage of the 27-hole Breckenridge Golf Club designed by Jack Nicklaus, or some of the other great courses in the area.

Rock climbing is a great way to get out and test yourself against some of Colorado's best climbing areas, so bring your chalkbag and shoes.  Or, hire a guide to learn this growing sport.

Motorcycle Tours
Some riders come from far away, some are weekend warriors, but when they arrive in Breckenridge, vacations take on a whole new meaning. Summit County has it all: winding valleys, tight switchbacks, high altitude hairpins, and postcard pictures wherever you look.

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