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Alma, Colorado, has long been guardian of ghost stories about lost veins of silver ore, Buckskin Joe's Cemetery and a smallpox epidemic where a selfless dancer nursed the sick. Read More

  • Alma, CO is the highest incorporated town in America at 10,578 ft.
  • The town was abandoned during a smallpox epidemic that killed many townspeople.
  • Take a break on the Hoosier Pass to view the old buildings and have some lunch.
  • Kite Lake Campground gives access to outdoor enthusiasts in the area.


Sitting on Hoosier Pass at 10,578 ft., Alma, CO, is the highest town in America. Although still alive with restaurants and bars to serve the visitors passing through, those searching for the spirit of an old mining town will not be disappointed. Originally named Buckskin Joe, this town was devastated when a wave of smallpox killed many inhabitants and forced the rest to flee. This is the backdrop for the story of Silverheels, a dancer who stayed through the epidemic to attend the wounded.

Among the many old buildings slowly decaying, be sure to take a look at the Paris Mill, used during the later 1800's to process gold ore from the surrounding area, and the historic property known as the “stone church,” restored in 2004.

Outdoor Activities

Area attractions are not just of the historic variety; there is also a great system of hiking trails as well as opportunities to do some whitewater paddling or summit one of the three “14ers” around the Kite Lake Campground.


Alma is located 17 miles south of Breckenridge and 5 miles north of Fairplay on CO-9.

Kite Lake Campground is on Co-Rd 8/Buckskin St., about 4 mi west of Alma.


The town is occupied year-round, but the Kite Lake Campground is open only in the summer.