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Breckenridge Firehouse Museum

Breckenridge's early roots as a mining town meant fire was a constant danger, which lead groups of dedicated individuals to join together and form the first Red, White and Blue Fire Department. Read More

  • The Red, White and Blue Fire Department was formed in 1880 as a volunteer force to keep the town safe.
  • The museum has original firefighting equipment including ladder carts, fire extinguishers, and uniforms.
  • The two-story former residence is located in the center of town at 308 N. Main St.
  • Cost is a $5 suggested donation.
  • Open from June to September.

The Breckenridge Fire Department wasn't always the professional force as we know it today. They started out as members of the community, volunteering for general safety of the area. The nature of a mining town dictated that housing was a fire hazard: wood houses with paper insulation, lit by candles and oil lamps at night. In addition, the explosives used in the mines held the potential for catastrophe. After a number of small fires in the initial years, the Breckenridge Fire Department was formed in 1880.

The union of three companies lead to the name “Red, White and Blue.” Respectively, they were the Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company, the Independent Hose Company and the Blue River Hose Company. Each company was comprised of volunteers from diverse strata of the community. Miners and merchants fought alongside the saloon-keepers and cashiers to keep fires in control.

At the museum, there is original firefighting equipment on display. From the old fire extinguishers, uniforms, ladder carts and water buckets, visitors get a chance to see the archaic tools and techniques available to the men simply trying to keep their town safe.


308 N. Main St. - Next door to the current Breckenridge Fire Station


Open from June to September


$5 Suggested Donation