Breckenridge History & Museums: Washington Mine, Colorado


Washington Mine

The Washington Mine was a hardrock gold and silver mine that started in the 1880s. Here you can find a great example of the methods, equipment, and lifestyles of the underground mining period of Summit County's early history. Read More

  • The mine was one of the largest in the area with over 10,000 feet of tunnels and 5 main shafts.
  • Walk the tracks that the ore-carts would follow to deliver the gold and silver to the surface.


While there were mines of all shapes and sizes in Summit County, few had the size or breadth of the Washington Mine. Over 10,000 feet of underground workings brought the rock and ore from the depths to the surface, where it could be assayed and purified.

This mine was one of the largest in the area, employing over 30 men during the prime years of the 1880s. There were no less than five main shafts penetrating the mountain, stretching out in an underground labyrinth, following the gold and silver veins.

Take an afternoon to explore some of the mining history of the area. Walk some of the ore-cart tracks in the mine and handle some of the drilling tools used by the miners. A guide will lead you through a number of mining buildings, explaining the various functions of each one.

In addition, you can learn to pan for gold and keep what you find for a great souvenir.


Heading south on Main St., take a left on Boreas Pass Rd. After one mile, turn right on Illinois Gulch Rd. The parking lot and mine will be about a quarter mile ahead.

The estimated drive time from downtown is 20 minutes.

465 Illinois Gulch Rd.
Breckenridge, CO.


  • Adult $15
  • Children (4-12) $10


From June 10th to September 3rd, 2017, the Washington Mine runs tours from 11am and 1:30pm from Tuesday through Sunday.

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Reservations are not required. Call them with questions: 970-453-9767 or visit their website.