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Not only appealing to skiers and snowboarders, Keystone and Breckenridge offer a world of beauty and recreation for the outdoor enthusiast seeking a winter wonderland adventure on snowshoes.

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  • Children and adults alike will enjoy leading the trail through untracked powder in a serene mountain environment.
  • Trails around Breckenridge and Keystone are perfect for a morning or afternoon snowshoe hike.
  • If you can walk, then you can most certainly snowshoe, so take some time to experience it while in Summit County.


Perhaps the simplest and easiest way to enjoy the winter landscape is walking on snowshoes. If you can walk, then you have everything it takes to snowshoe Breckenridge, Keystone, or the other great areas in Summit County. It takes very little gear, requiring only a pair of snowshoes and some poles, which assist in balance. That's all you need before you're on your way to exploring endless miles of winter terrain blanketed in white.

Breckenridge snowshoeing appeals to all ages and all levels of activity-seekers, because you can take a casual hike in the woods, or reach for the sky as you steadily climb uphill to a mountain peak. So, step into your snowshoes, add a few layers of clothing, put some snacks and a water bottle in the daypack, and go!

Where to go Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing Breckenridge is an easy way to get everyone involved in the winter landscape. Tour operators offer group tours, night tours, and simple rentals for people looking to head out on their own.

Take an Ecology Tour to learn about the surrounding wildlife and plants while enjoying a snowshoe tour. Or wait for the full moon to take a moonlight snowshoe tour on some of the many trails surrounding the ski resort.

The backcountry huts are a great way to enter further into the natural environment that makes Summit County so spectacular. Snowshoe from one cabin to the next for an overnight in the heart of the Colorado wilderness.

Rentals & Fees

Outdoor shops throughout the area will be able to provide snowshoes, poles, and other gear necessary for a trip out on the winter trails. 

If the snowshoe trails are in the Vail Pass Winter Recreation Area, then there is a fee of $6 per person. Children 13 and under are free.

Hire a Guide

In addition to renting gear, nordic centers around the area can provide lessons to beginners. There are a number of options for group tours as well.

Private guides, offered at outdoor shops and nordic centers, provide custom itineraries along with expansive knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area.