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Dog sledding embodies a spirit of adventure and exploration and a tenacity and persistence against the elements. This exciting winter activity can be enjoyed with a number of operators in Summit County. Discover Breckenridge dog sledding here.

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Dog sled tours offer you an experience of sampling the teamwork that is created between the dogs and the driver as they become one to work as a team to accomplish a common goal - success. The experience gives a taste of what it would be like to race across the Arctic powered by well-bred animals alone. A two hour tour, a half day tour, full day trips, or multi-days trips will not only be a memorable adventure, but also impart a bit of awe and respect for those who take the sport to its highest level – the Iditarod.

Keystone and Breckenridge, Summit County, along with other resorts in Colorado boast operators that are anxious to share in the dog sled experience, an art form that is rich in 2,000 years of Artic tradition and history. Operators will instruct you on how to mush, or drive your own team of dogs, and once feeling confident – you are free to ride.

The experience of mushing your own team offers exciting and serene rides through the amazing winter landscape, sounds of dogs’ pads pouncing and pushing off the snow covered ground, and the freedom this great sport provides to the soul. So when your legs start to feel like lead and two days of straight skiing become too much, hop on a sled and let yourself be taken for a ride. You will find a unique and culturally rich adventure to fill your day of “rest” without skipping a beat.