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Idaho Springs Colorado

Idaho Springs Colorado is an old mining town and the first “real” mountain town one encounters when driving west along Interstate 70.

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  • Idaho Springs is located 40 miles due east of Summit County along Interstate 70 at exits 240 and 241.
  • Get your adventure fix on a rafting, jeeping or fishing trip.
  • Idaho Springs has some terrific restaurants specializing in authentic, hearty Colorado grub as well as several motels and gas stations.


Idaho Springs CO carefully balances new with old. It has all the modern amenities you'd expect from a highway town as well as a quaint anytown, USA main street oozing with mining nostalgia.


Idaho Springs is located 40 miles east of Summit County on Interstate 70 at exits 240 and 241.


Were it not for ample roadside services, it's doubtful Idaho Springs would still exist. Whatever you want or need, Idaho Springs has it – several good restaurants, stores of every stripe, ski rentals, gas stations and, of course, the ubiquitous Starbucks and McDonald's.


Idaho Springs is home to many outfitters offering rafting, fishing and hiking trips as well as jeep tours through the area's extensive backcountry road network.


Several shuttered mines remain open as museums and offer above- and below-ground tours daily all year. Idaho Springs, as the name implies, also has a natural hot springs with steamy mineral baths.

Getting Here

From Summit County, take Interstate 70 east for 40 miles to exits 240 or 241.

Don't miss out on a chance to drive the country's highest paved highway to the summit of 14,264-foot Mount Evans. Even the wheelchair-bound can summit this Fourteener! There's terrific skiing in the summit bowl.

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