Breckenridge Snow Sculpture: International Championships


International Snow Sculpture Championships

January 20, 2020 - January 29, 2020

The International Snow Sculpture Championship is a great international event which takes place each year in either late January or early February in Breckenridge, Colorado. At least sixteen teams from around the world travel to Breckenridge to compete in the International Snow Sculpture Championship. 

  • An event in late January and early February
  • Free for the public to view
  • Judging begins at the end of the week

Overview: Each team creates a work of art from a block of artificial snow which stands 12 feet tall and weighs in at 20 tons. Each creation is a work of art. For an event with an international flare and lots of fun, plan on attending the International Snow Sculpture Championships.

Where: Riverwalk Center - Breckenridge

Fees: Free to watch

Details: The is a 7 days festival to celebrate the creativity behind snow sculpting. Judging begins at the end of the week after each artist has had time to sculpt. Find more details on the GoBreck website.

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