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The Beach

Winter is a long season and any ski and snowboard enthusiast can tell you that. One of the best ways to unwind after a full day of riding is to saddle up at the closest bar and enjoy some après-ski drinks with friends. At Arapahoe Basin in Summit County, Colorado, one of the smallest and most enjoyable of the four ski resorts in the area, après-ski activities are taken to a new level and hold new meaning. Once spring rolls around and days are filled with sunshine, there is no shortage of parties and après-ski fun. After the ski day during the months of April and May at A-Basin, a term locals use for the ski resort, you are likely to witness and possibly partake in one of many activities that keep skiers and snowboarders at the resort well after the lifts have closed for the day. Read More

One of the most popular spring après-ski parties at A-Basin is called "The Beach." From fun filled people wearing antiquated ski gear and clothing to Hawaiian shirts and flamboyant costumes, "The Beach", which occurs daily, is like nothing else at any other ski resort in the country – and probably the world. Soaking up the final rays of spring-time sun after skiing, hordes of partiers gather in the parking lot at the base of the resort to share stories and indulge in a few ice-cold beers. Granted you might see some things you never thought you would ever see, but that's the reality of a ski town and most likely your encounter with "The Beach" will only make you want to come back for more.