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Wilderness Outfitters

One of the best reasons to visit Colorado is to experience the freedom and beauty offered in the backcountry and wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Keystone, Colorado offers superb access to wilderness areas in both the summer and winter. Numerous wilderness outfitters and guides in the area provide a variety of trips and tours for hiking, backpacking, hunting, horseback riding, skiing, and much more.

Backcountry experiences are everywhere in Keystone, Colorado in both summer and winter months. Go on a family hike or backpacking trip or hire a wilderness outfitter to take you deep into the backcountry via horseback.

In the winter try cross country skiing over moderate backcountry terrain, or book an adventurous tour through real powder-filled back bowls where you travel over the Continental Divide above 12,500 feet. Guided tours can be on snowmobiles or dog sleds, and often meander through gorgeous forests to Georgia Pass at 11,000 feet to let you experience breathtaking views all around.

Backcountry touring is something the whole family can enjoy. Seeing nature up close and personal in this manner will create a lot of lasting memories for you. Traveling through the Arapahoe National Forest can be quite the adventure. View seven diverse mountain ranges over only 100 miles of trails. Alpine meadows and twisting wooded trails are a sight to be seen. This part of the country is truly unique, which is why you should see it for yourself.

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