Summit County Colorado Skate Parks


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What do kids in Summit County want to do with their time? Skate. It's the same everywhere you go. Kids love skateboarding. Kids love biking in skate parks. Kids love scooters in skate parks. And they won't be disappointed by the scene in Summit County.

There are three skateboarding parks in Summit County: Breckenridge, Frisco and Silverthorne. Each park has unique features, but all three have earned excellent ratings. Local kids (and adults) are always around and glad to show off the best lines and trick maneuvers.

Breckenridge Skate Park
The Breckenridge Skate Park was created by the town's park and recreation department. It is free to use, but make sure that you bring a helmet and pads. This skate park has a great design. It boasts a wide variety of shallow lines, smooth transitions and an amazing bowl and snakerun.

Frisco Skate Park
The Frisco Skate Park is very cool and old school. Surrounded by trees, this wooden park was designed with a wide variety of pipes. There are some good beginners features and the transitions are laid out nicely.

Silverthorne Skate Park
The city of Silverthorne invested loads of cash to make this sweet skate park. It's big, fast, and full of extra amenities. Located right off I-70, it's easy to find and should not be missed! This park even has lighting at night!

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