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September 20th, 2014

Writers on the Range: The trouble with hunting

Hunting fascinates me, and I read everything I can about it. So I was taken aback to read recently that in my state of Washington, there are 16,000 fewer hunters than there were five years ago. Another story focused on the failure of our justice system to curb rampant poaching, and I began to wonder why so few writers are concerned about hunting’s silent issue, the problem of the “shooter.” Real hunters, I contend, show reverence for the game animals and birds that they kill, and they honor their prey in various ways. They obey state laws, care for the … Read more

September 20th, 2014

Littwin: Karl Rove’s sad, mad, pretend JeffCo coffee klatchers

It’s no mystery why Republicans keep losing the women’s vote in Colorado (personhood/abortion/birth control). But if you’re even slightly confused, come with me for a trip into the magical world of Karl Rove via his Crossroads GPS way-way-back machine. The setting for Rove’s latest campaign ad is a suburban kitchen, presumably somewhere in Jefferson County, because all Colorado elections are decided in kitchens somewhere in Jefferson County. We zoom in on a coffee cup and then, strangely, on a woman’s, uh, profile — possibly to signal the viewer that this campaign ad is about women drinking coffee. And as the … Read more

September 20th, 2014

Hyundai Tucson adds direct-injection engine

“That is totally driving you crazy, isn’t it?” asked my friend Dan, as we headed up a series of Berthoud Pass-styled curves in the Hyundai Tucson. In the back, an unsecured 12-pack box of microbrew beers gaily slid from one side of the evidently slickly carpeted cargo area to the other, clinking and clanking. Over and over again, like set dressings from the movie “Titanic.” That particular impact of the relatively small vehicle’s high center of gravity didn’t seem to faze him much, but it did indeed drive me out of my mind. Such is part of the deal with … Read more

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